Sunday, March 31, 2024

Get Ahead of Propagandists to Counter Disinformation

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122 pages, March 2024

ISBN: 978-1-7374895-3-5 (paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-7374895-7-3 (ebook)

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The saying divide and rule energizes autocrat-propagandists. Their followers are propelled by the contrarian energy that's unleashed. How these propagandists gather followers and increasingly control the thought and action of large numbers of people is eerily similar.

Bravado and defiance are veneers on the intimidation or worse targeted at the judiciary, media, civic leaders, and specific ethnic, racial, or other groups. The cruelty and violence in these propagandists' words forecast a harder reality that will follow.

Pushing back on propagandists is a challenge at any stage. But the longer that propaganda causing harm is allowed, the greater the damage to everyone.

We need more than diagnoses and warnings to crush the fake information eating away our freedoms. For nations, organizations, or anyone fighting disinformation, now collected in paperback and ebook is a selection of my blog posts on countering propagandists. Included are reference notes, a bibliography, and an index.

Beyond a critical review of contemporary public discourse, this collection calls for purposeful action, describing steps for us to help democracy thrive. It outlines ways to
  • Outwit propagandists.
  • Detect, deflect, and dismantle disinformation.
  • Counter manufactured outrage.
Hoping you'll find it useful. Please let me know your thoughts, as you can.