Monday, May 30, 2022

Making It So

Mountain Bluebird
Sialia currucoides by Elaine R. Wilson is licensed under CCA-SA 2.5 Generic

You are

to the violin

as a bee

to the flower,

bringing continuous life

to Spring.

Perhaps also honoring this violinist's virtuoso performance from a time before Covid-19, in the early morning today, full-throated chirrups and calls floated through the open window, making another springtime symphony.

These performances fittingly commemorate on Memorial Day the many who gave all, to provide opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to each of us.

In an effort to sustain such commitment going forward, almost eighty-one years ago during the bleak beginnings to World War II, Roosevelt and Churchill agreed the Atlantic Charterinterestingly, never signed yet continuously honoredand ever since serving as a foundation for ongoing alliance of democracies against autocratic rivals.

With this bond "updated" and reaffirmed on June 10 last year, both Britain and the United States agreed to adhere to "the rules-based international order," focus on the "climate crisis," and "protect biodiversity"as well as calling on Western allies to "oppose interference through disinformation or other malign influences, including in elections."

The New York Times described this as "an effort to stake out a grand vision for global relationships in the 21st century." Unquestionably, and as irrepressible as this morning's symphony, it also reaffirmed commitment for the liberties of thought, speech, and association to continuously grow. 

Once experienced, nothing else will do.


Paul said...

I'm glad you brought attention to the Atlantic Charter in the context of Memorial Day. Very fitting!

Yeronga said...

The challenges facing the world, but particularly the free world, recently and in the medium future, are greater than we have seen for rules based international order, for half our lifetimes. The good that US has done is often overlooked by those opposed to equity within structure of the power of the people, sadly. Let us hope that the Ukrainian war in stimulating the democratic nations to the see some of the realities, leads to a greater sharing of unity of purpose and support for our ideals, from other nations and we do not leave the US to carry so much of the burden.